The Company LUIGI DEZI srl has been working for more than two decades of STUDY DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION and DEVELOPMENT of PLANTS / MOULD, as well as the PLASTICS PRODUCTION in the various items obtained by the plants mentioned above.

The Company's activities LUIGI DEZI srl They have always ranged in the following sectors: FOOTWEAR, LEATHER GOODS, CLOTHING, HOUSEHOLD, paramedical and since 2001 our. know-how was also put at the disposal of other sectors which require products and / or accessories PLASTICS of various kinds, commonly defined and identified as TECHNICAL.

Also in 2006, the company LUIGI DEZI srl He has started a new venture by collaborating with some companies in the sector BOAT / PORT, studying and realizing the INNOVATIVE BUMPERS and FENDERS RUBBER and / or HYTREL.
What completion of this activity in 2007 was created and registered the brand new "Ludemar" following only these areas.

It should be said that the company's propensity LUIGI DEZI Srl It is to accept new challenges, even in areas not currently followed.